Guillotine-Inspired Plastic Nipple Clamp

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Surprise your submissive with this Guillotine-Inspired Plastic Nipple Clamps, and she'll shudder with delight.

Bondage play can't be more exhilarating than having nipples and labia clamped at the same time. This amazing product comes with a bar with two "guillotines" for the nipples. They are adjustable openings, where the nipples are squeezed. To hold this bar in place and keep it on her chest, the guillotines have to be made tight enough to avoid slippage. A single chain is attached to this bar and branches into two to get connected to the two labia clamps.

Intimidating as it looks, this unique product doesn't have the heavyweight of metal, so your sub can definitely handle the pressure. The labia clamps and the nipple clamps can be made tight or loose to suit the experience level of your "slave", thanks to their adjustability features. A guillotine, as we know it, was used to decapitate a criminal, but rest assured no nipple will be harmed.

The word "guillotine" sends shivers to one's spine. Still, with the actual clamps for the nipples and labia, these Guillotine-Inspired Plastic Nipples Clamps with labia clamps sound more erotic and exhilarating than scary. As such, the clamps aren't just made for BDSM kinks but can also be taken advantage of by regular couples to amp their sex play a notch to break free from the monotonous acts of sexual intercourse.

For the best nipple and labia clamping experience for your woman, she should be completely aroused so that her tits and labia are erect. The clips, when applied, will restrict blood flow, but once they're taken off, blood surges back into these erogenous parts, giving your woman orgasmic bliss.

Purchase the Guillotine-Inspired Plastic Nipple Clamps now to break the usual, boring foreplay and have an unforgettable sex adventure!

Color Black
Material Plastic
Type Plastic Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 6.69 in. (distance between windows for the nipples)
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A