Green and Dotted Glass Butt Plug 3.74 Inches Long

If "textured" is your thing to enhance your anal play, then our Green and Dotted Glass Butt Plug 3.74 Inches Long is what you need!

This glass plug is narrow at the tip, then gradually increases in girth and dips back down at the neck. It has a sturdy flared base to keep the play safe. Dotted with small bulges, this glass sex toy will stimulate the nerves inside with great intensity. The total length is 3.74 inches, and its widest girth is at 1.65 inches—dimensions that will be enjoyed by those who have been indulging themselves in anal play for a few seasons. Squeeze the muscles of your butt to feel each dot against the walls of your rectum.

The glass, of which this butt plug is made, is more durable than regular glass. Therefore, it's sturdy and does not break when handled properly and used for its intended purpose. Glass is one of the safest sex toy materials because it's hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and non-toxic. Also, it is non-porous, making it easy to clean. What's more, it's compatible with any base of lube, but be sure to keep away from cheap, unreliable brands. If you want to add more excitement to your "sexploration", use this butt plug for temperature play. Chill it or warm it, it's your call!

Whether you're one with a vajayjay or a dick, you can experience powerful orgasm by filling your butt with this sex toy. Get blissfully zoned-out when you do the deed while having this plugged in your bum.

If you want to reach the highest peak of pleasure, then you've got to have this Green and Dotted Glass Butt Plug 3.74 Inches Long in your collection. Buy it now for orgasm-filled days ahead!

Color Green
Type Butt Plug

Handle: Glass

Plug: Glass



handle: N/A

plug: 3.74 inches


handle: N/A

plug: 0.91 inches1.65 inches


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Green and Dotted Glass Butt Plug 3.74 Inches Long

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