Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device

A slightly dimmed cabin, the Master or Mistress wearing full latex and leather before you and the cock cage in their hand, squinting in the candlelight and a glass of wine — is there any better evening? You feel the modest weight of the cage as it drags your pitiful penis dangling between your legs, the distinct 'click' sound of the lock being secured, the contented smirk on their lips — what a beautiful sight to behold! Even better if the Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device 2.68 inches long is the one you're using!

This chastity device is manufactured with an external locking system like many other traditional cages; it is also curved to simulate the natural bend of your flaccid cock. Couples who live a BDSM lifestyle can enjoy a night long of sadism. It is made of a high-quality, rustproof stainless steel that is 2.68 inches in length and an inner diameter of 1.38 inches.

The hooped feature of the tip of this device exposes the tip of the genitals to any kind of punishment from your Dominant. Whether you intend to use it for smooth urination or allow your Mistress to take advantage of the circular ringed head of the cage for tormenting you. Furthermore, you can choose from three different ring sizes (1.57, 1.77, and 1.97 inches).

To protect your privacy, we ship this product in discreet packaging. No brands or hints will point to what your parcel contains. The parcel label only shows "accessory" or "toy" to ensure that your privacy is kept safe. Additionally, your bank statements will not reflect anything about a chastity cage purchase since we use an alias.

Lastly, it is necessary that you regularly wash this device to prevent any bacterial growth, unpleasant odors, or infection. Feel free to wash the device with a mild, fragrance-free detergent then rinse with clean water. Dry off the chastity cage using a soft towel or a hairdryer in low settings. Buy now and experience a night long of teasing and seducing!

Color Silver
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimensions Diameter:
Small - 1.57 inches
Medium - 1.77 inches
Large - 1.97 inches
Cock Cage Dimensions Length: 2.68 inches
Diameter: 1.38 inches


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Forsaken Inmate Metal Chastity Device

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