Fashionable Bell Pendant Nipple Screw 1 pc
Fashionable Bell Pendant Nipple Screw 1 pc

Going out on a date that will surely end up in bed? Then you’ve got to dress up to impress and wear the Fashionable Bell Pendant Nipple Screw 1 pc to wow your date.

Crafted with great attention to detail and with the finest stainless steel, this nipple screw would adorn one of your beautiful tits. Hence, it gives the look of a pierced nipple.

Four screws inserted into the holes around the ring may look intimidating. With their flat (not pointed) and smooth tips, however, you wouldn’t have second thoughts of whether or not to put the ring on. The screws can be easily adjusted according to the squeeze you’d like to have, making it perfect for any size of a chest raisin. Each screw has a ball-shaped head for easy grip and control, and one of them holds together the two chiming bells.

As it’s made of premium stainless steel, it promises longevity, durability, and safe use. Expect that it will be gentle on your skin because it’s hypoallergenic. This amazing product is sold per piece, so we suggest that you order two. You can’t have one sexy nipple while the other is not. With two rings and four bells, you can have all the melodious chiming you need!

Wouldn’t it be great to hear the jingles as you’re on your way to your date for a romantic tête-à-tête? This will remind you of what is about to happen after the food and drinks. Imagine what your date could be thinking as he gets curious about the bells. He’d definitely want to uncover and find out where they are!

Screw your nips and tighten the screws for the most powerful pinch! While it gives pressure on your nipple for the most magical sensations once it's removed, it also accessorizes your nipple. So, why buy only one when you have two nipples to please?

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Nipple Screws
Dimension (inches)


Screw Head to Bells: 1.57 in.
Screw: 0.51 in.


Ring: 0.67 in.
Screw Ball: 0.20 in.
Weight: 0.01 lbs.


Fashionable Bell Pendant Nipple Screw 1 pc

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