Colorful Ring Nipple Screw 1 pc

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Add color around your nipples and look sexier than ever with the Colorful Ring Nipple Screw 1 pc.

Blue, purple, and red are shades that never go out of style. Red is a timeless symbol of sexual passion. Purple is believed to heighten arousal, while blue is the color of trust and loyalty.

Our Colorful Ring Nipple Screw is made available in these three colors and whichever you choose, you’ll be delighted. The color on the ring will last longer and won’t be easily chipped as the processed employed is electroplating.

Made from zinc alloy, it has a lightweight build yet durable to take some beating. This nipple jewelry will transform the overall look of your beautiful, naked body, showcasing geometric pattern and symmetrical design. It is sold per piece for a reasonable price, but it’s better when paired with another one, as you have two nipples to adorn.

To lend your nipple a perfect pierced look, the Colorful Ring Nipple Screw is made with simple yet elegant design. Four screws are inserted into the holes around the ring to provide one of your nipples a 360-degree pinch. Each screw features a precise thread to make easy and accurate adjustments.

Worry not as the screws do not have pointed tips, so your nipple won’t be harmed. The screws have ball-shaped heads that serve as handles for ease of manipulation.

Would you like it tight, or just right? Simply rotate the screws to find the tightness your mood dictates. For some, sharp pain is an essential ingredient to achieve pleasure, but if you choose pain to be subtle and light, the screws are the key to balance. To avoid slippage, wipe dry the nipple before the ring and screws are applied.

Be irresistibly sexy by putting on the Colorful Ring Nipple Screw 1 pc. Why buy only one when you have two nipples to please? Buy two, and you’ll never regret!

Color Blue, Red, Purple
Material Zinc Alloy
Type Nipple Screws
Dimension (inches)
Length: 0.31 in.


Screw: 0.11 in.
Screw Head: 0.19 in.
Inner Ring: 0.69 in.
Ring: 0.83 in.
Weight: N/A