Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps
Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps
Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps
Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps
Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps
Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps

Treat your nipples with a delectable sensation that will blow off your mind with Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps.

Hand them over to your lover before leaving for work to let his imagination run wild the whole time. Surely, he’ll be skipping his beer for the day just to get started with the kinkiness in the bedroom. These nipple clamps are designed to elevate your sex play and keep your desire for intimacy burning.

Let your man fondle your tits with his fingers or his mouth until they’re erect. When they’re completely turned on, it’s time to squeeze those knobs atop your breasts with these beautiful nipple clamps.

You might be wondering how the pinch would feel on your tits: Will it be pleasurable, painful, or the combination of two? That all depends on you because the control is all in your or lover’s hands. Both clamps are made with screws for easy adjustments, allowing you or your lover to decide how tight the grip it’s going to be. Experiment to find out your sweet spot. Who knows? You’ll find pain to be erotically stimulating.

While these clamps are on your nipples, give your lover a sultry dance to make those bells chime and swing. Jiggle your breasts to drive your lover insanely horny. If you crave for more intensity, let your lover tug the chains through the bells, and you’ll hear yourself screaming or moaning. Let the bells dangle and ring incessantly as you get fucked from behind; it looks like the doggie style never goes out of style with these dandy clamps clinging on your tits.

The Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps are available in different colors to choose from. Hit the “Add to Cart” button now for more sensual days ahead!

Color Black Silver, Clear Silver, Pink Silver, Purple Silver, Red Silver, Rose Silver
Material Metal
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A


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Chained Bell Silver Nipple Clamps

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