Butterfly Nipple Clamps With Colored Charms

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Are you someone who is into pain or pleasure during sexual play? Well, you can choose to experience one feeling or both with our Butterfly Nipple Clamps With Colored Charms. It is time to take your fucking sessions up a notch with these pretty sex toys.

Our Butterfly Nipple Clamps With Colored Charms measure 18.90 inches, the right length to connect your nipples. These nipple clamps are made of high-quality metal with charms made of plastic. You can choose the colors of charms: fiery red, innocent blue, daring purple, or multi-color if you wish.

These nipple clamps have a butterfly-type design, which is made for the more advanced users of nipple clamps because they cannot be adjusted in terms of the tightness or looseness they give your nipples. At the end of each of the clamps are two soft tips to prevent abrasions to your precious nipples. As for the other end of the clamp, it has a pretty clover-shape for an added design.

The two nipple clamps are connected by a long chain that is adorned with plastic teardrop-shaped charms for an extra flair for the ladies. This will entice your partner to lick and caress your nipples more than ever. The tightness of our nipple clamps brings a different kind of numbness that will heighten the sensations that you’ll feel during lovemaking.

You may choose to use one clamp to attach to your nipple while your lover is kissing and fondling your other breast with his hand. Experience the tingling sensation this brings you and long for it over and over again.

What are you waiting for? Change the way you treat your melons, and they will reward you with an explosive orgasm. Order one for yourself or girlfriend now!


Clamps: Silver

Charms: Red, Purple, Blue, Multi-color


Clamps & Chain: Metal

Charms: Plastic

Type Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 18.90 inches
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A