Spider Nipple Clamps

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If truth be told, you’ll never experience true pleasure unless you’ve gone through pain. The Black Spider Nipple Clamps are specifically designed to give you a taste of pain first, then reward you with bursting wonderful sensations after.

Effectively combining metal and in its construction, these nipple clamps may not have as much weight of the ones made of pure metal, but they boast of their torturous-looking clips. Intimidating as they seem, they actually have screws at the bottom to adjust the intensity of the pinch.

Rotate the nut down the thread, and the tips will gradually come close together. The closer they get, the tighter the squeeze will be. The design is intricate, but it’s easy to operate. If you are new to nipple clamping, it is best not to venture too much in pain as this could put you off. A subtle pain would be great.

But if you want to test your boundaries, go ahead and bring the tips much closer. Just make sure that you’re not hurting your nipples or damaging their nerves.

The black chain that links the clamps will certainly make your upper bod more enticing to look at. However, it is actually more than a decoration, as your partner can use it to inflict pain. He can tug it to pull your nips, creating more tension, which you will find exhilarating.

To make your experience with this pair of nipple clamps titillating, clamp your tities only when they are erect. Flirt with your breasts first to let more blood flow into your nips.

When they get fuller, get those nipple clamps start pinching. Remove them immediately when your nipples begin to feel numb. Once sweet relief takes over, your nipples become super sensitive to any stimulation. Get a soft feather to tickle them or have your partner lick them until you reach a nipplegasm!

Experience sweet pain and pleasure, and you’ll never go back to boring, mundane sex play. Buy the Black Spider Nipple Clamp to boost your sex adventure!