Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender
Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender
Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender
Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender

Many people believe that “Once you go black, you’ll never go back.” And for this reason, you wish to get stuffed by a black stud. But your man isn’t black and has an average-sized junk. And if you still want to fill up your pussy with a big black cock, you have to bring another guy in your room and have a threesome with them (if your partner agrees to it.)

But you don’t have to do that, for you can increase your man’s wood as big as a BBC. All you need to do is get this Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender. This sheath will fill all the gaps in your love tunnel as it adds a few inches to your partner’s length and girth. And with its ball strap, it keeps the sleeve on tight so that he can bang you hard, fast, and deep.

But wait, there’s more! This cock enhancer has pleasure nubs at the backside and engorged veins throughout its outer surface for that mind-blowing sensations as they rub against your inner wall. Its knobby tip, on the other hand, targets all the sensitive spots in your body for explosive orgasmic pleasure. And with its stretchy cock and ball rings, this bad boy can accommodate guys of all sizes!To start the dick transformation, you need to lube up the sleeve and his boner first. This cock extender is TPR made, so any lubricant works best with this toy. Slather an ample amount of your favorite lube for ease of insertion and comfortable wear. While your man is still soft, put the sleeve on his willy and slip his balls into the strap. Tease him until he becomes erect and give yourself a wild ride!

When you and your sweetheart have reached the climax, you have to clean it with antibacterial soap and water and dry it thoroughly. Then, keep it separately from other toys to preserve its new-like condition. Get stuffed by a big “black” cock. Buy this Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender now!

Color/Type Black
Material TPR
Dimension Length: 6.69 inches
Penis Hole – 1.26 inches
Ball Strap – 1.18 inches

Beaver Stuffer Penis Sleeve Extender

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