Clip on Nipple Clamps

If you want to experience the joy of having nipple adornments without the pain, then our Clip on Nipple Clamps are just the right set for you to try and delve into!

Clip on's are meant for those of the undecided bunch, the people in between. Nipple clamping is a sexual activity that can be very painful, especially if it's your first time. And while the benefits of clamping your chest raisins sound promising, it doesn't always work for everyone.

If nipple clamping is already painful, then we can't stress enough on how extreme nipple piercings are. This procedure can also be, and the after-care and maintenance could be too much for other people. And don't get us started with the risk of having an infection and other complications.

But just because you're not in favor with the two, that doesn't mean that you can't have your own personal fun with your titties. Clip on nipple clamps provide the best of both worlds without the pain and torture. You can ignore the haters who think that you have to go through the discomfort and agony to be a dedicated nipple lover. We here at Lovegasm believe that pleasure can be experienced in all ways, even without the pain. As long as you're having fun and you feel fulfilled with your actions, then there's no reason why you shouldn't hop in on the bandwagon.

We bet those haters might even consider trying out these clip on nipple clamps in this collection once they get a peek at what we have in store. All of the clamps here are made from high-quality metal. We're not comprising the build and quality on these, they're still made from the same quality of material we have for the rest of our nipple clamps. And because the metal is a conductive material, you can introduce temperature play in here if that is one of your fetishes. Simply submerge the clamps in ice cold or near boiling water for a few minutes, and you have a pair of sex toys that will make your hairs stand or your insides warm.

Clip on nipple clamps don't necessarily constrict any blood flow. They are attached to your nipples quickly without any effort and are pain-free. You wouldn't even notice that you have them on, but your partner definitely might. With the endless varieties and colorful designs, they can get lost with amazement as the different adornments jiggle and sway along with your breasts.

You might have a hard time choosing a design. Our clip on nipple clamps might be simple, but they're never boring on style. The clamps are either silver or gold, some of them with interchangeable loops. You can browse ahead and choose from our wide varieties whether you like to keep things "lowkey" or easily noticeable. We have clamps with jewels, dangling charms, and intricate designs.

If we were you, we'd stop right here and think about which pair of clamps will you wear on your next lovemaking session with your partner. He will undoubtedly adore your nipple accessories and might have you grab some more!

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