Random Four Leaf Clover Jeweled Butt Plug 2.95 to 3.62 Inches Long

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The jeweled butt plugs are some of the most beautiful sex toys available out there. It has a pretty crystal gemstone that is shaped into different things that will add a little bling fun to your usual sex play.

Our Random Four Leaf Clover Jeweled Butt Plug 2.95 to 3.62 Inches Long will give you the most out of your butt plug experience and more! This jeweled plug is designed to provide you with the most intense anal pleasure you will ever enjoy. Made with premium stainless steel, it has that smooth surface as well as a heaviness to caress the most sensitive areas of the anal canal. Stimulating this area is very difficult without the help of butt plugs, as it is a little tricky reach. Using a plug will give you very safe anal stimulation because this toy also features a flared base that will be able to lock this toy outside the ass for you to enjoy hands-free anal fun. Steel is also very easy to clean; just wash with lukewarm water, lather with soap, pat dry, then store them in cool storage.

Anal sex may be difficult to start with, but with the help of a good butt plug, you will "slide" into this type of sex with great ease. Butt plugs are able to stretch the ass, even the tightest out there, to prepare it for anal fuck. For beginners, it is always good to start with the smallest plug then work your way up.

Not only that, this sex toy is an excellent addition to your sexual foreplay. Try inserting this inside the ass while you do some tongue action in your partner's genitalia. It will be a dual stimulation your lover won't soon forget!

So explore all the possibilities, buy one of these plugs now!


Handle:  Clear, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Light Purple, Purple, Yellow

Plug:  Silver

Type Jeweled Plugs

Handle:  Crystal Gemstone

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:   N/A

Plug:  Small - 2.95 inches, Medium - 3.23 inches, Large - 3.62 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:  Small - 1.10 inches, Medium - 1.30 inches, Large - 1.57 inches`