Silver Cone-Shaped Jeweled Butt Plug 3-Piece Set

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If you think anal sex is new, well think again. Kings and Queens of different kingdoms are said to have indulged in this very unique way of sexual exploration.

This erotic escapade has satisfied the unrelenting search for human satisfaction for many years, and today, anal sex is now being enjoyed by many couples no matter the sexual orientation is.

To say that you have "done it all" in terms of being sexually adventurous means you have tried stimulating your very sensitive backside. In case you may not know it, your ass holds a myriad of very sensitive nerve endings that can be stimulated by giving it proper pressure and touch.

If you have been looking for the complete tools to help you in making your sexual dreams come to life, then our Silver Cone-Shaped Jeweled Butt Plug 3-Piece Set is your perfect choice.

This lovely variant has three beautiful pieces to choose from, all catering to your very specific needs. For beginners, you have to start small to let your ass adjust to the pressure of the plug. As you progress through your anal journey, you will soon find yourself elevating your butt plug size until you reach the largest piece.

We made sure to make these toys from high-quality stainless steel because of its versatility and sturdiness. You will love the solid nature of steel as you glide this toy on your sensitive areas. Steel is also hypoallergenic, so you can enjoy these tools even when you have sensitive skin.

Additionally, we added lovely colors for you to choose from to match your personality. Just imagine your lover's reaction when he sees you with a pretty gem in your backside as you turn him on. The enticing view will make him mad in utter erotic delight!

Don't fall back to the wrong beliefs of the past, set yourself free, and grab this memorable set today!

Color Jewel - Light Blue, Pink, Violet. Dark Blue, Red
Plug- Silver
Material Jewel- Acrylic Crystal,
Plug- Stainless Steel
Type Jeweled Plug Set
Dimension (inches)
Small-1.18 inches (30mm), Medium- 1.52 inches (38.5mm), Large- 1.77 inches (45mm)
Small- 3.98 in (10.1cm), Medium- 4.72 in (12.0cm), Large- 5.35 in (13.6cm)