Dental Gag

Men in white uniforms, especially those in the medical field, arouse you the most. You have this tendency and urge to play yourself anywhere you can just by merely staring at their clean, unstained coat. Their apparatuses make your pussy wet, and the thought of using them as your object of paraphilia makes you cum already. You always want to feel the cold steel scraping against your body parts and the medical silicone rubbing against your skin. Now, imagine what more would you feel if you put the medical paraphernalia into your mouth? Sounds exciting?

If simple machines such as medical devices turn you on, then our Dental Gag collection will drench your undies as it offers a variety of dental gags to fill your filthy mouth!

Choose your poison from the gags on this collection! They may look intimidating to use, but they are all easy to install. They are safe to use, too, as they use high-quality stainless metal pieces, high-grade medical silicone, and thermoplastic in their materials. Most of these products are adjustable via simple machines, so there's no need to worry about having difficulties installing them. They come in retractable rods, spring-operated, and winged-type gags—all of which ensure secured fastening to the oral cavity area. Whatever it is that you select from this set, you're sure that you're going to get the finest of the products out in the market!

Aside from its features, this set also boasts the usability of its products. More than using them as paraphernalia during oral operations and procedures, they also serve as sex toys, especially in BDSM plays. If you're the sub and the masochist in the relationship, it's better to own your gag for hygiene purposes. While sharing is caring, you may want to keep personal things for yourself only. Plus, the thrill of having a sex toy that makes you suffer during play is undeniably satisfying! If you're the dom and the sadist one, there's no greater pleasure than punishing your sub with your first-hand equipment. Also, anytime, anywhere, you're always ready as there's a tool to grab around. Spice up the play with whips and chains and handcuffs, and you're ready to dominate!

What's also good about this set is you have the freedom to choose what you want according to your planned theme for the play. An example that you can enact is the doctor-patient-illicit-affair game. How about the mad-addict-capturing-and-punishing-a-victim roleplay? The choice is yours, and your imagination is the limit. However you want to do it, make sure that everything is in moderation. Talk to your partner about the conditions and boundaries of what you're about to do. As you can't speak a word while you wear a gag, you better set a safe action or gesture to refrain your partner from overdoing the play. This precaution will make your sex adventure an exciting, wild, and safe one!

Let your preferred dental gag hold your lips and keep you from uttering a word as your dominant partner roughly fucks you in the mouth! You can't have one if you would only stare at this beautiful collection. Get yours now!

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