Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag
Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag
Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag
Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag
Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag

The main character of your kinky sessions should be no one else but you. You are one of those who go all out when it comes to making a good impression. Being the queen in bed is your ultimate goal. And as a badass playgirl, you always look for something that will amp up your kinky sessions, whether it be a different sexual position or a new tool.

Let the Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag keep your partner in your full control and show him the real boss!

This very sleek yet kinky toy has a stunning black color that will blend well with any outfit. It uses synthetic leather, a great material that is comfortable to use and stable in its position once worn. It has a mask-like design covering your man's lips and nose as he wears it, making him look very oddly sexy. You will find that there are two holes for him to breathe through, too.

The ends of the strap at the back have two adjustable belts that can be locked for a more secure fastening. Both straps have numerous holes where the buckle hinges. But wait, there is more! This mask hides a ball gag measuring 1.73 inches in diameter that you can use to stuff your Sub's mouth.

If you want to explore kinkier actions, this reliable mask will let you do so. However, be sure to follow the fundamental safety measures of gag wearing. Don't let your Sub wear this for too long or unattended. You always have to check on your partner's breathing from time to time to ensure you're executing it correctly.

By the end of the play, make sure you clean this piece. You may use a trusted leather cleaner to wipe off the dirt. You don't want bacteria proliferating on your favorite gag piece.

You will always make a good mark with anyone when you have this lovely piece on hand. Buy it today!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: 1.73 inches (4.4 cm)

Keep Quiet Leather Panel Gag

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