Spider Gags

You want every encounter and scenario to be super exhilarating and risqué. Boring is not your thing, and you find vanilla sex as the very definition of unexciting. The truth is you have sexual fantasies that any regular sex won't be able to satisfy. As a pleasure-seeker, you explored the world of BDSM, and it was liberating! Collars, whips, and chains thrill you to the bones, and a submissive partner allows you to live out your fantasies.

Dominating is your thing. You find it arousing when you're in control of your partner. Bondage play is your favorite because seeing a submissive helpless and restrained turn you on big time.

Be a full-fledged Dom by completing your bondage tool kit with a spider gag. A spider gag is versatile. Not only does it prevent your partner from speaking and screaming, but it also gives you access to her oral cavity. Imagine how much pleasure you can derive from that.

A spider gag is the upgraded version of a ring gag. It looks more intimidating as it has two prongs on each side; hence, the name spider. These prongs help prevent the ring from flipping. No flipping means no rest for your slave or submissive partner.

The Spider Gags Collection brings you the best of the bests. And if you think all spider gags look the same, well, you are wrong. Some have prongs that stick out; hence, they are quite intimidating. Others are less spine-chilling, so worry not. All have O-rings in the middle, and they vary in diameters; select the one that your sub or slave can handle. The ring will render her speechless while welcoming you to do the best or the worst. It is a great punishment tool for any slave who back-talks or a restraining tool for a submissive who creates a lot of noise during playtime.

All products in the collection feature soft yet sturdy straps that will keep the metal gag in place. Two of the choices feature multiple straps, with some bands going across the face, chin, and over the head. All made of high-quality vegan leather, they are strong enough to withstand vigorous and rough play. The leather will not irritate her skin.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel. It is one of the best metals as it is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. It is also safe for body use because it is non-porous and easy to clean. So separate your partner's jaws with a spider, and imagine all the humiliating punishments out there!

With a ring restraining her from talking or closing her mouth, all she could do is slobber uncontrollably. And the more she tries to scream, the more saliva will ooze from her mouth. The spider legs won’t let her move the ring in her mouth. And since you are the boss, you can do whatever pleases you, and the loop in her mouth will make a blowjob more satisfyingly delicious. So make her kneel in front of you and fill her mouth with your dick. If you are not satisfied, you can pee into her mouth if she is a golden shower fan.

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