Open Mouth Gags

Admit it or not, sucking someone's cock is exhausting and tiring, especially if it's gigantic. The longer the dick is, the harder it is to please, as you can barely reach the end of the shaft; unless you're an expert in deep-throating. And even if you are, it's challenging to maintain your mouth wide open for long as it's straining to the cheeks and jaws.

If you're the lazy one who needs tools to keep your mouth open while servicing a cock, then get a company that will help you ease the work. Get fucked in the mouth when you try our gags, especially those in our Open Mouth Gags collection!

Why should you choose from this collection? This set of gags offer various mouth gags that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and ergonomic to use. The design is limited to an open-mouth figure that's ready to suck your partner's soul and cum. However, it comes in different colors and materials. Some use BPA- and phthalate-free silicone, while some use hypoallergenic thermoplastic. The slings and harnesses differ one from the other, too. Most of the straps use high-grade faux and PU leather and nylon, while some use lightweight chains. They also boast secure fasteners such as belts and buckles and snap buttons. These features allow stable installation of the mechanism to the mouth. And lastly, some gags also feature extended straps for a more enduring placement to the head and a kinkier look.

What are the benefits of mouth gags? The open-mouth design essentially allows the user to have relaxed jaws and cheek muscles during the play. Once worn, it keeps the mouth from shutting, especially when the entire oral cavity gets tired from sucking, sipping, and licking the dick. Secondarily, in BDSM play, using a gag helps the bottom, or submissive, to keep from talking or making unnecessary noises that may turn the top, or dominant, off. And finally, wearing a gag is a form of punishment that brings joy and pleasure to the dom. Hence, this toy is perfect for couples or partners with extreme fetishes and kinks in sex!

Why should you buy it? Whether you're the submissive or dominant in the relationship, no one restricts you from getting this toy. As the sub, it's hygienic to own one that you put to your mouth. You wouldn't want to share it with somebody else or use something that has been used by many, would you? As the dominant one, it's the best gift to punish the partner. With the use of a mouth gag, you can restrict your partner from uttering any words that may disrupt your wild play.

While incorporating kinky toys in plays is fun and exciting, there need to be rules and limits, too. As the one being gagged cannot speak at all, a safe action is a must before the action-packed adventure. This gesture ensures the safety of the play when everything goes too rough or wild. A stomp or three, or a knock or three, should trigger the dom to stop. But it is not limited to these actions. Speak to your partner about what works best for both of you.

If you plan to get your first sex gag, our collection is here to cater to your needs. Get these items now!