Cleave Gags

While vanilla sex is good, it tends to get dull and boring when done regularly. As this happens, it defeats its purpose of providing pleasure.

Add some thrill to your sexy time by incorporating role-plays and tools that would excite both your libidos and stamina in bed. Take cleave gagging as an example. You can control how your submissive make noises during sex and find pleasure in her every struggle for freedom. With consent and the best type of stuffing tool, you will surely get an extraordinary kinky experience!

Welcome to Cleave Gags' versatile collection, where your imagination is the only limit when it comes to using each piece. These pleasure cloths are known to provide reliable over-the-mouth-and-nose gagging experiences. Well, that is, of course, still subject to the extent of mouth stuffing ways you and your partner wish to explore.

For starters, you can go for the detective over-the-mouth gagging you often see in abduction scenes in movies or series. You can also try the bandit way, which is more like the latter but extends the coverage up to the nose. However, the bandit way requires a broader piece of cloth and should be made with breathable material to make the experience successful.

When you think your partner is ready for something intense, you can level things up by trying to cleave gag her. All you have to do is place the gag over her mouth, pulling in between her teeth, and tying it at the back, nape area, of the head. It is an effective way to gag your sub as it does not easily untangle once fastened.

However you wish to begin the cleave gagging journey, you should always remember the goal: let the dominant exhibit total control by forcefully silencing the submissive. However, take note that cleave gags are not as extreme as the other type of gag toys. They are meant for beginners and even for players who find the idea of being stuffed with balls, rings, and any other uncompromising forms overwhelming. So if your partner agrees to be stifled in a less-intense-kind-of-way, cleave gags are the best options you can consider.

What's also fantastic about these mouthpieces is they give way to lots of BDSM storylines for role-playing. You and your partner can play the kidnapper-victim, Japanese porn reenactment, daddy-princess, and a whole lot more! Indeed, they exhibit versatility like no others.

Most of the products that made it in this collection celebrate femininity. They hide the kink under elaborate and ostentatious colors, designs, or prints, making them subtle tools to use during hardcore and lustful play.

The selection provides a wide range of base materials that your submissive will find excellent for a gagging adventure. Most of the tools here are of fashionable human-made silk. You can also find a gag inspired by a synthetic leather-based corset. There's also satin, and of course, the bandana boasting its cotton cloth fabric. All these fit most head sizes and boast their high adjustability function. You know you can rely on them to give your submissive the perfect fit, even for a period of naughty play. Besides that, they are also soft and velvety to the feels, making them sensual and riveting. If you're worried about your partner making a waterfall of drool, don't be. Some of the cleave gag materials in this collection are absorbent enough to solve that for you.

Gagging isn't enough to make the play exciting. You should be binding your partner's hands and legs too! Doing this will make your "story" more realistic and unwavering. Use these pieces of cloth to make it happen. So, when everything is ready, be spontaneous, and let's see how far you and your partner can go with this new kinky endeavor.

Get your hands to one of these cleave gags. Make sure to collect them all and enjoy a handful of storyline options for your next kinky role-playing.