Bit Gags

You love kinky plays, and it turns you on when someone worships you. The more you're getting served, the more you get stirred and aroused. You get pleasure from someone else's suffering, pain, and embarrassment. You are a true master and a sadist at heart. However, your dominance will be futile without the proper tools to execute your power. You need weapons to show your authority. Take a look at these gags and choose the symbol of your dominance!

Treat your slave for real and without hesitation. Humiliate her and show the world how powerful you are to gain such respect from your submissive. Show your dominance as the master in your play by stuffing your slave's mouth with a gag. Get the stuff of your choice from our Bit Gags collection—the disgracing sex toy for pets and servants at heart!

Bit gags are essentially sex toys to bite or chew on by the bottom roles in the relationship. It is a way for them to release the pain once they get slapped, lashed, and whipped by their dominant counterpart. These tools also refrain them from speaking or uttering until only their muffled voices are heard during plays. Well, masters and sadists enjoy screaming, moaning, and grieving voices, remember?

With the Bit Gags collection, you can choose from a wide selection of sex toys that vary in colors, materials, and designs. Most of these gags use faux, synthetic, and PU leathers, nylon, and cushioned leather in the straps. As for the bite, they use hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free silicone, thermoplastic, and PVC as their materials. They come in different shapes, such as bone-, penis-, rod- and tubular-shaped bites. All these gags have locking mechanisms, too, to ensure stable fastening once worn. Some use belt-type locks, those with buckles and punches, while some use snap buttons and velcro belts, too. Others also have added features, such as cuffs and chains attached to the belt straps. Whatever it is that you choose, you'll surely love how it'll fit and look to your slave.

But like any other game, BDSM plays require terms and agreements too. Especially in kinky acts where one party is tied up and gagged, both of you should establish a safe action before proceeding with the play. This gesture is the triggering factor for the master to stop when the slave finds him overdoing the act. With the limits and boundaries set, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and fun play by the end of each session. Once you have agreed upon the rules, you can then enjoy being the master and the sadist you are. Experience being worshipped like a king by your submissive who drools and mumbles from his misfortunes as a slave! What a beautiful scene!

What is the point of being a master if you do not have ways to make your slave follow? The first thing you need to have is your equipment to show dominance. Get these gags from our Bit Gags collection, and show your slave who's the real master! Hit on the "Add to Cart" button now!

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