Pacifier Gags

Your little girl is already in PJs, pigtail-styled hair, a fancy-looking pink-collar with a bell, so what else are you still missing? Oh well, you have missed out on stuffing her mouth! That's why she's still whiny and noisy, and she's becoming quite a distraction to your playing.

She makes loud noises whenever you tease her, making you wish to stuff her mouth and silence her all the way. Even if you incessantly tell her to stop, she wouldn't! Your bratty little girl thinks you can't do anything about it because gagging her is not an option. She believes you won't be able to stand seeing her smothered with extreme balls, rings, and other hardcore stuff. Well, you got to prove her wrong! Let her be reminded that whatever Daddy wants, Daddy gets.

You can still gag your little girl without having to go through the extremes. That's why the Pacifier Gags Collection is here and dedicated to DDLG gagging needs. The products in this selection may look less intense, but you should never underestimate their power to minimize your submissive's annoying noises in bed.

Once she's already wearing one, ask her to lift her ass and spank her. With this pacifier gag, you get to punish your bratty little girl without having to go through her whimpers and moans. All you will hear now are muffled moaning, stiflingly trying to escape, adding more erotic vibes to your playing.

Get as many pacifier gags as you like with our not-so-wide range of selections. You can even collect them all in one go! Doing this will add variety to your DDLG playing.

The pacifiers' materials range from PVC to silica gel and silicone, making them good choices for a gagging experience. They all exhibit unparalleled softness and suppleness. What's even fascinating about them is that they don't pose risks of chaffing the sides of the wearer's mouth. They are not too big to overwhelm your baby girl and not too small to enable her to make noises again. They are hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, making them body-safe. One pacifier gag boasts its breathability feature which is ideal for a long duration of playing. As for the others, they exhibit a realistic look, making them suitable for little girls.

The straps, on the other hand, are of outstanding craftsmanship and material. All thanks to leather and silica gel straps, you can enjoy years of satisfaction in concealing your little girl's noises. They are sturdy, reliable, and can hold up the test of time. They exhibit ultimate security with their high adjustability function with their metal buckles and a good number of holes. With these, you will be able to fit the pacifier perfectly on your submissive's head. They can assure you that the gag will stay in place even as the playing gets rough or intensifies.

Since these pacifiers are meant for little girl players, you can choose the best exterior color that matches her look, personality, or character she portrays in the role-playing.

Stop your little girl from whining and making distracting noises during playing. Stuff her mouth with a pacifier gag. Get one or all of these gags to your purchase today!

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