Power Play Silicone Inflatable Gag
Power Play Silicone Inflatable Gag
Power Play Silicone Inflatable Gag
Power Play Silicone Inflatable Gag

A loud partner can attract attention and suspicion. But with your excellent performance in bed, she can't stop herself from crying out of pleasure. She gets louder when you spank her, and she's at the top of her voice when you play Dom. Can it get more exciting than this? Absolutely! With the Power Play Silicone Inflatable Gag, you'll have a more exhilarating playtime while muffling her moans and cries of ecstasy. Fill her mouth, and enjoy bondage bliss.

It may look intricate, but it's simple and easy to assemble and use. Insert the tube pin into the hole found at the base of the mouthpiece. Once in place, pump the bulb slowly to inflate the plug. Keep pumping until the desired size is achieved.

While filling up the mouth is a good idea, consider your partner's experience. While filling her mouth is a good idea, a newbie will not appreciate it if it's bigger than what she can handle. If you think you've over pumped it, there's no need to fret. Twist the release valve to deflate it quickly.

The gag comes with a cowhide strap. Fasten it around her head with the metal buckle. And what's interesting with the buckle pin is that it has a loop at the tip that accommodates a padlock. Lock it and savor the power in your hand.

The panel looks so badass with those metal studs and rings. The strap is long enough and is fully adjustable to accommodate most head sizes.

After your session, it's imperative to wash the silicone gag. Pull it out from the panel so you can sanitize it well. All you need is mild soap and clean water to make it squeaky clean. Dry it thoroughly before storing it somewhere safe.

Make every second of your bondage play exciting. This inflatable gag will surely do a great job. Buy now!

Color Black, Silver
Material Strap – Cowhide + Metal
Pump & Gag – Silicone + Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 24.41 inches (62 cm)
Bulb - 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)
Tube - 16.54 inches (42 cm)
Bulb - 1.69 inches (4.3 cm)


Power Play Silicone Inflatable Gag

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