Electrostatic Wraparound Tape Gag
Electrostatic Wraparound Tape Gag

Do you and your partner love bondage so much that one piece of accessory is not enough? So, you end up buying all these restraints, and doing so makes your play a little more complicated and less exciting. This kinky bedroom practice should be thrilling, but overthinking takes away all the fun. If you want to keep your bondage play simple yet arousing, then you should get this Electrostatic Wraparound Tape Gag.

This colorful and shiny tape gag features multiple ways of restraining your partner by using one single tool. And because it looks like an ordinary tape, you can bring it to the office or anywhere you go without getting questioned as to what it is. It is very lengthy, which gives you a lot of room to use it for loads of purposes. You can bind your sub's hands or feet together or attach them to an object or bedpost. You can take away your partner's eyesight by using this tape to cover his or her eyes. Most of all, you can keep your bottom's mouth shut by taping his or her mouth using this gag.

And because it's a tape, you can decide on the length and tightness that you desire. It is suitable for beginners because it helps you get creative and experiment on the type of bondage you enjoy before getting a more expensive restraint.

We know what you're thinking. You're scared that this tape will hurt your partner's skin, hair, lips, or eyebrows. The best thing about using this tape is that it is static, and it only sticks to itself. That means it will not stick to your sub's skin, and it will also not leave any trace. So you can get crazy with your bondage ideas because removing the tape is not as painful as removing duct tape.

Go ahead and get your partner's consent. Then, buy this Electrostatic Wraparound Tape Gag now!

Color Purple, Yellow, Silver
Material PVC Tape
Dimension Length: 590.55 inches (15 meters)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Electrostatic Wraparound Tape Gag

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