Dual Cavity Inflatable Butterfly Gag
Dual Cavity Inflatable Butterfly Gag
Dual Cavity Inflatable Butterfly Gag

Inflatables aren't just for anal and vaginal penetration. There are inflatable toys used for oral penetration as well. And when looking for such tools, this Dual Cavity Inflatable Butterfly Gag is your best bet! This kinky mouthguard will fill up the gap in her mouth and keep her mouth shut as you blow it up.

This erotic accessory features a fountain-shaped gag and a bulb attached to it—all made of liquid silicone. The mouthpiece can be blown up to twice its original size, enough to deny your girl the freedom to speak and scream. Meanwhile, the bulb is responsible for increasing its air volume while the valve is for deflation. With just a few pumps in the bulb, the gag's size will increase. But if it's too big for her mouth, you can deflate it with the quick-release valve. Just turn the dial to reduce the air pressure inside the inflatable gag.

Ready to take your play to the next level? Be sure that your partner is game for it first! Ask for her consent and talk about the gestures you're going to use during the play. Once you've sorted everything out, it's time for some action! Start your teasing game by caressing, kissing, or even spanking her hot body. If she's making too much noise, shove the gag in her mouth and pump away! For more fun and intense experience, you can bind her hands and feet, clamp her tits and clit, and put a blindfold on. Doing so will heighten her sensations, enabling her to feel every touch, spank, tease, and please.

As mentioned earlier, this kinky mouthguard uses liquid silicone as its primary material, so it's safe for oral play adventures. Nonetheless, you still have to clean it before and after each use. Wash it with mild soap and warm water, then wipe it dry with a soft, clean cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from dust, sunlight, and other toys.

Take your bondage or oral play to the next level with this Dual Cavity Inflatable Butterfly Gag. Buy now!

Color Black
Material Liquid Silicone
Dimension Length:
Gag – 2.6 inches (6.6 cm)
Inserted Part – 1.69 inches (4.3 cm)
Widest Point - 3.94 inches (10 cm)


Dual Cavity Inflatable Butterfly Gag

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