Oral Fetish Spider Gag
Oral Fetish Spider Gag
Oral Fetish Spider Gag
Oral Fetish Spider Gag
Oral Fetish Spider Gag
Oral Fetish Spider Gag
Oral Fetish Spider Gag

You finally found a match. Your sub willingly obliges to whatever you want, and she seems to enjoy every part of it. You’re both so compatible that when you asked her to wear a ball gag, she was excited to do it. It’s all fun, until one day, she asked if you can get her another mouth tool because she wants to try something else. What are you going to do?

The Oral Fetish Spider Gag is a perfect choice if you want to level up your gag game. The PU leather strap is soft and comfortable on the skin, even when worn for an extended period. Having an adjustable harness helps achieve a secure and snug fit around your sub’s face.

As opposed to a ball, this device has a metal ring to hold the mouth open. It makes breathing easier for the wearer as she will not solely rely on her nose for air supply. As a plus, this gag will make your sub drool uncontrollably, so if the sight turns you on, then you’re in for a treat! This product is available in three-ring sizes; the biggest one makes it possible for you to stuff your cock in her mouth and give you some deep throat action.

While having this gag spells excitement and promises wild nights, a responsible Dom should always put the welfare of his sub first over his sex drive. It means giving this tool a pass if she is having colds or experiencing an upset stomach. Also, set up a safe signal and keenly observe all your sub’s gestures and expressions. Everything must be done consensually and with utmost care. Lastly, remember to clean this device after every use. Don’t worry; it’s completely washable.

It’s time to try a new toy. Add the Oral Fetish Spider Gag to your purchase today.

Color Black
Material Strap - Synthetic Leather
Gag - Metal
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Strap - N/A
Gag Ring
Small - 1.69 inches (43mm)
Medium - 1.81 inches (46mm)
Large - 2.09 inches (53mm)


Oral Fetish Spider Gag

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