Pet Play

Get "ruff" in the bedroom with these "paw-fect" accessories in this collection!

Simple anal or sexual play can get more exciting. A few accessories can help you tap into your wild side. Pet play has allowed partners to explore a more adventurous side to their usual steamy session. There are different items that fall into the pet play category. You can choose between masks, gags, and gloves. Here at Lovegasm, you can bring out the beast that you want to tame!

Our Pet Play collection includes a wide variety of props and accessories to make your pet play more exciting. You can find different kinds of sex play supplements. Also, there are masks, mitts, and gags. You can get assortments within these props. Some cover the body part almost completely, while others allow more space to breathe. These amazing toys can transform you or your partner into a sexy obedient pet!

You don't have to worry about wearing these products. Only the finest materials like leather and silicone line them up. All the materials are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and food-grade. You don't have to worry about any harmful substances like latex, phthalate, BPA, and dioxin. To ensure this quality, the materials undergo a series of strict quality control procedures. Moreover, their flexibility allows you to stay comfortable while you play. You're bound to have a supple and sexy pet play!

When you're getting into these play toys, you must always consider both of your safety. It's essential for both of you to communicate during pet play. You should keep in mind not to wear things too tight. It can also help to put some lubricant when wearing the mitts. You can slide in easily without any problems. Overall, before you start out your pet play, you both need to set ground rules. You must always keep consent in all the sexual pleasures.

With the help of the leather, you can have a wilder session. Either of you can wear these accessories. Other toys can join in on the fun. Depending on your play, you can definitely enjoy wild orgasms. The mitts can help you restrain you or your partner. It takes away their ability to hold anything.

Furthermore, the masks can add flare to your experience. Gags can also help with your oral pleasure. When you add plugs into the equation, you can have a beastly bonanza!

Once you're done wearing and tearing in pleasure, you can tidy up easily. You can use mild antibacterial soap and warm water to wash it. Afterward, you can dry it out and wipe it with a clean towel. Once dried, you can store it in a safe place. Also, you have to make sure to keep the toys away from direct sunlight or volatile liquids like alcohol and acetone. By following these simple instructions, you can stay hooked on pleasure for a long time!

Domesticate and fornicate to your heart's desire when you get your very own fantastic toy from our Pet Play collection!

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