Padded Pet Play Leather Mittens


Give your pet a nice pair of paws and make him or her walk on fours with these Padded Pet Play Leather Mittens.

Made of premium leather, these mittens are soft and smooth yet very durable. Designed to restrict hand movements, each mitt is padded inside for your pet’s comfort. The luxurious leather straps with buckles ensure that the mittens won’t slip off. That way, your pet in bondage won’t be able to use his or her hands. The metal D-rings are not only for an accessory; they’re meant to intensify the fun. Tie a chain or a rope on them and let your imagination go wild.

If you have a Sub playing as a puppy or a kitten, then you’ve got to give him/her black paws. To wear these mittens, ask your Sub to close his/her fists to let the gloves fit nicely. There shouldn’t be a lot of room for the hands to move. Secure by tightening the straps, then buckle them up. The pads are soft yet firm to protect the hands from a hard surface, so let your pet crawl around.

With mittens of this great quality, your pet will be more than happy to wear them. All you’ve got to do is to complete the ensemble for a more thrilling and exciting pet play. A tail, animal ears, a puppyhood, and a leash or a chain will definitely give you a very adorable puppy or kitten.

Don’t compromise comfort for pleasure because you can have them both. These mittens are well-made and are very durable, promising longevity for fun and bondage adventure. If you enjoy being a puppy begging for your master’s affection, then you’ve got to put these on to get his/her attention.

Get those fists covered in luxurious, padded leather mittens and let your fantasies come to life! Buy the Padded Pet Play Leather Mittens now!


Color Black
Type Pet Play Mittens

Handle: N/A

Mittens: Leather



mittens: Adjustable


mittens: Adjustable