Leather Pet Play Dog Mask
Leather Pet Play Dog Mask
Leather Pet Play Dog Mask
Leather Pet Play Dog Mask
Leather Pet Play Dog Mask

For those who get turned on by letting their partners wear a gimp mask, you may want to check out our Leather Pet Play Dog Mask. As what you can tell by its name, it’s made out of leather to ensure quality and product durability. 

It’s time to steam things up a notch in the bedroom! There’s no better way than by wearing our quality mask or to give this mask to your significant other. People who are submissive get turned on by the idea of becoming disoriented. As you can see, when you’re wearing a mask, you become deprived of your senses. You won’t be able to function as normal. 

It becomes so easy to depersonalize interactions. Wear our Leather Dog Mask and experience totally different sensations. 

If you ever had a fetish of becoming submissive to this type of play, now is the perfect time to experiment with your significant other.

Upon wearing the mask, your face becomes almost covered. No one would know that it’s you or the identity of the person hiding behind the mask; meaning, it could be anyone at all.

You won’t be seen as a person, but rather than just a sex toy or your partner’s plaything. Dominants find this really pleasurable for them, especially when they can’t see their partner’s face. This also helps submissive to be comfortable with the play as their face is covered.

Gimp masks totally cover the mouth, so speech is limited, and it only has small nostril holes. In other words, breathing is impaired, which is a huge turn on for submissive. It greatly restricts sight and speech.

When exploring new sensations and a new area of sexuality, always remember to consult with your partner properly. Once that’s done, you’re free to use our Leather Pet Play Dog Mask!

Color Black
Type Play Dog Mask


Length: N/A
Width: N/A


Leather Pet Play Dog Mask

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