Puppy Pet Play Leather Hood Mask

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Are you ready to rock it with our Puppy Pet Play Leather Hood Mask? Well, of course, you are! This has the power to make you look like Batman except you’re an adorable little puppy with a lot of nasty things hidden in your arsenal.

It’s time to make your bedroom experiences more interesting with different antics. Our Puppy Play Hood Mask is made out of high-quality material; it’s sleek, and it looks awesome, especially when worn.

Our Pet Play Leather Hood Mask is available in different colors so you can choose your favorite one. Alternatively, you can get one of each so you can have a different play session with your partner. After all, it’s more fun when your creativity is free to roam.

The reason why people like to wear these gimp mask is that they have the tendency to become disoriented. As you can see, they can’t use their senses like normal, turning dominants on.

Dominants would give their partner (submissive) wear gimp masks to depersonalize interactions. The submissive face would totally be covered so anyone could be in the mask if you’re into mysterious and spontaneous sex adventures.

In other words, it makes the dominant feel as if he/she isn't having sex with a person. It’s more of boning a personal fuck toy or slave of some sort. Submissive also find comfort with their faces covered in a hood mask.

These masks can either be made from rubber, latex, darlexx, and PVC. Ours, in particular, is made out of synthetic leather. It’s a tight-fitting material that reduces sight and speech.

If you want to use our Puppy Play Leather Hood Mask into the mix in your bedroom, it’s always better to have safe signals to be sure. If you’re dominant, monitor your significant for safety measures.

So start on a great dom-sub adventure, grab this amazing Puppy Pet Play Leather Hood Mask now!

Color Black, Red, Purple, White
Type Hood Mask
Material Synthetic Leather
Length: N/A
Width: N/A