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Sexual pleasure can be one of the greatest things to explore, but a lot of us tend to fall into the habit of doing the same things week in week out.

Our bodies are full of surprises and have a many different erogenous zones we can stimulate and enjoy.

For women, one of the most enjoyable erogenous zones to explore are their breasts!

What Is Nipple Play?

Nipple play is quite a simple idea, you just play with your nipples!

You might think there’s more to it, and you need to do things in a specific way, but you can basically do anything you like.

Each of us have our own preferences so there might be types of nipple play that one person enjoys and another doesn’t.

It could be that they find it too sensitive, or simply that their breasts are designed differently and have different areas of sensitivity.

Often when people try out nipple play they don’t do it for its own benefits, but as foreplay for sex.

This is great, and breast play is one of the best kinds of foreplay out there to get your woman in the mood. It’s not just great for foreplay though!

Breast play can be a great activity in its own rights, and those who are really skilled at it might even be able to experience what is often referred to as a nipplegasm.

Why Does Nipple Play Feel Great?

So, why do some women love having their breasts played with so much?

It isn’t just a matter of sexual preference. The female body is wired specifically to find breast stimulation good.

Scientists have spent a lot of time studying our brains, and exactly what happens during sexual pleasure and orgasm.

They have even been able to see exactly which parts of the brain react during genital stimulation and orgasm.

Although they aren’t anywhere near your genitals, stimulating the nipples also produce the same reactions in the same part of your brain.

That’s right, touching your nipples is exactly the same as touching your vagina as far as your brain is concerned!

Guide To Nipple Play

For a lot of women, the extent of nipple play that they might receive is simply a little holding or rubbing.

There is so much more to nipple play though, and spending a little time experimenting and exploring your own nipples can open up a whole new world of sexual pleasure. Some techniques you can try include:

  • Blowing
  • Pulling
  • Kissing
  • Squeezing
  • Licking
  • Caressing
  • Sucking
  • Pinching
  • Biting
  • Playing with Temperature
  • Using Clamps and Pegs

Each of these techniques can be done in different ways.

You’ll want to experiment and find what your own preferences are, whether you like things harder or softer, whether squeezing is something you’ll like at all, etc.

You don’t have to do this alone and involving a partner in the process can be a lot of fun! You shouldn’t focus entirely on the nipple either!

A lot of women might enjoy different parts of the breast being stimulated in the same ways.

You might spend more time focusing on the under-boob or side-boob if that’s something you enjoy. It’s entirely up to you!

Sex Toys For Nipple Play

If just using your hands isn’t enough for you, there are various sex toys available you can try when you try nipple play.

ome of these are specifically designed for nipple play, while others are just general sex toys which also feel great on your nipples.

Things you can use include:

  • Vibrators are a great way to stimulate your nipples. Most of the time a large, high-powered vibrator might be a little too intense, but a smaller bullet can feel like heaven!

    You can even get a finger vibrator which attaches to the tip of your finger and lets you have some buzzing sensation while you stroke and squeeze.

  • Nipple Suckers are small devices made to imitate the feeling you get from having someone suck on your nipples.

    If you enjoy this, but don’t always having a willing mouth around then these can be perfect for you.

  • Pinwheels are small devices a little like a pizza cutter. Rather than having a bladed edge though, they have sharp spokes around the wheel which you can run across the surface of your skin

    This is quite obviously going to be painful, but the point is to add just enough pain that you enjoy it, without totally wrecking your nipples.

  • Whips and Feather Teasers let you tease your nipples in so many interesting ways. Whether its rubbing, stroking, or slapping, you’ve got plenty to explore and try out.

  • Nipple Clamps are great for people who enjoy squeezing or pinching sensations on their nipples.

    These are probably the most common toy specifically designed for your nipples so there are many different variants for you to try.

    The other bonus with nipple clamps is that you don’t need to actively engage with them, so you can combine them with different kinds of stimulation both on your breasts and other parts of the body.


Nipple play can give you some awesome feelings, and those who enjoy it the most will likely be experienced with (or trying to experience) nipple orgasms.

Many people might never have thought it possible to have an orgasm purely from nipple play, but it’s definitely real!

There aren’t any real tips or guides to exactly how you do this other than following your own body.

If you enjoy something, then keep doing it and try to push your pleasure as far as you can!

As long as you’re enjoying it, and nothing is becoming painful then you can gradually push yourself close and closer until you finally achieve orgasm.

Nipple Sucking Risks

While a little light stroking or kissing isn’t going to ever cause you any problems, when you start moving onto some of the more hardcore styles of nipple play you might worry about damaging your poor breasts.

It’s a good thing to consider, but luckily most worries are rather unfounded.

In some cases, it is possible for permanent damage to happen to someone’s nipples, but it takes a lot of work to reach that point.

As long as you listen to your body, stop when something hurts too much, and give any bruises or cuts time to heal, then you should have no problems.

Nipple Play To Induce Labour

There’s one big myth about nipple play which is that it can help bring on labor.

When you stimulate your nipples, your body releases the hormone oxytocin.

This hormone is one which can help to trigger uterine contractions which are what helps the baby to move down their birth canal.

Some people believe that this means their nipple stimulation can play a part in inducing their own labor.

While doctors have largely refuted this myth, there is anecdotal evidence that it has worked for some people. If you’re interested in it, then you might as well try as you have nothing to lose!

Nipple Play And Breastfeeding

After having a baby, many women will be regularly breastfeeding their new children. Even those who aren’t directly feeding their children will likely still be lactating.

So, with the breasts regularly producing milk, what’s a woman who loves nipple play to do?

Well if you want to have your nipples stimulated while breastfeeding then go for it! Obviously not at the same time though…

Some women will find that their breasts are far too sensitive though and might not enjoy it as much.

Equally, some women might produce a lot of milk just from the slightest touch!

This is fine when stimulating your own breasts, but if enjoying time with a partner either of you might be put off by the idea of milk squirting everywhere.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual, but if you still enjoy nipple play then don’t let breastfeeding stand between you and your pleasure.

Nipple play can be a great way for people to enjoy their bodies.

The best part is you don’t even need any special tools to see if you enjoy it, just get stroking and find out!

If you do enjoy it and want some specialised toys, then head over to our store and check out what’s on offer today.

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