Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve
Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve
Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve
Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve
Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve

You saw this documentary video on Youtube about child labor and child trafficking around the world. You were traumatized, and your outlook on life changed for a moment. On the same night, your partner asked for unprotected sex with him—but every second of the clip bothers you. You are now afraid to bear your child.

Don't embarrass your man, and never let him suffer from your problem, either. Tickle your mind and body, and divert your attention by doing something else. The most practical thing to do is to overcome it by having sex with him, but use the protection that you need! Use the Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve, the condom that protects yet stirs your soul until you forget all your woes.

It's silicone of high-quality, so you're safe when you use it as it's hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. It's highly elastic; you can try blowing it, and it will expand gigantically. It has nubs on its entire surface, adding a rough texture to stimulate your hole better. And lastly, even if it has a thin layer, it has two ticklers, an asshole, and a clit stimulator to enhance your penetration sesh all the more. Don't worry, you'll still feel the raw fuck in your pussy with its soft, yet bumpy texture inside.

To use it, stroke your man's cock until he gets a boner. Put the condom on his dick, and adjust it to his comfort. Once ready, you can pump and grind on his cock and feel every bead of the condom hitting against your walls. Lay back, dog style, helicopter, missionary—enjoy all the positions with this toy until you both reach euphoria!

After your climax, clean the sleeve by washing it with soapy water. Disinfect all the parts—inner and outer layer—then completely dry it after. Store in a box where you can easily find if you need to reuse it.

With Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve worn by your lover, you'll forget all these subliminal messages you get from watching clips on the web. You'll only feel satisfaction. Grab this piece now!

Color/Type Brown
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.80 inches (122 mm)
Width/Diameter: 1.34 inches (34 mm)


Tickle My Fancy Silicone Penis Sleeve

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