Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve
Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve
Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve
Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve
Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve

What makes a man a better lover? It’s not just about treating your lady like a queen or understanding her mood swings; it’s also about giving her total satisfaction! And when you’re looking for a solution that can turn you into a better partner overnight, then our Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve is here to help. As the name suggests, this sleeve makes your mojo thicker, giving your partner a full feeling as you explore her dark yet moist dungeon.

This penis extender features a knobby head that finds and hits her love spot as you enter her tunnel. Meanwhile, its veiny body adds cum-explosive friction to her wall as you give her fast, deep, and hard thrusts. The strap, on the other hand, keeps the sheath in place so that you can freely move while wearing it. Furthermore, it turns your cock into a mighty, meaty hotdog as it traps the blood inside the member; thus, enhancing the pleasure.

But this tool isn’t just for your partner’s pleasure as it has something for you as well. Inside this thick veiny shaft are ribs that enhance the sensation as you whack her lady garden.

But before you take advantage of its features and enjoy these sensations, you need to clean it first. The cock enhancer is TPE made, so you have to wash it with tap water. Towel dry it thoroughly, then slather a sufficient amount of water-based lube in and out of the sleeve. And oh, don’t forget to lube up your mojo and the boys too! Wrap it around your flaccid probe and slip the balls into the strap, and you’re ready for a wet and wild sex-venture.

Once done, clean it again and dry it meticulously. Sprinkle cornstarch or refreshing powder all over its surface and keep it away from dust, moisture, and direct heat.

Be the best partner you can be with this Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve. Get yours now!

Color/Type Brown
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.92 inches (12.5cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.9 inches (5cm)

Impotence Buster Penis Girth Sleeve

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