Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys
Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys
Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys
Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys
Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys
Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys

A typical man likes to be given a blowjob. Some would even say it is far better than sex itself. With 100% penetration and 0% effort, and you still get to reach orgasmic bliss, why not? It’s definitely a recipe for a good climax!

Now try our Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys and enjoy cock sucking even more. It makes your dick bulkier and yummier with its thick walling, turning your partner into a suck machine. Aside from that, you get to experience its sideshow of delaying your orgasm as it covers your ultra-sensitive glans. In this way, you can last longer than usual in bed.

The particular area this toy aims to extend is known as the penis glans. It holds thousands of sensitive nerve endings that react even to the slightest of lick or touch. Once you cover yours with this device, you will see and experience its significant difference. You may not even want to stop using it for a while.

Celebrate your kinkiness with the intricately manufactured variant concepts of this joy toy. You can have yours in transparent or flesh with a beastly or a rhinoceros design. Both types have protruding nubs on the tips that act as a clit and G spot stimulator. Aside from that, more nubs can still be found on the glans area to titillate all the other hot spots of your partner’s pussy. Once worn, the sheath can reach a little farther from the neck of the glans. This extra part is ridged and gives off different kinds of frictional sensation.

Are you worried that it might slip off during sex? Fret no more! It has a firm grip and suction that allows you to move however you want to. The snug-fitting feature of this device is the product of its silicone base material. Remember, you can only use it with a water-based lubricant as it doesn’t erode the surface of your sleeve. It would also help to put this on while your penis is still flaccid.

Clean it before and after use with a silicone-based toy cleaner you can get online or the shop near you.

What are you still waiting for? Grab this one now!

Color Transparent, Flesh
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
A1 and A2: 4.02 inches (102 mm)
A3 and A4: 3.78 inches (96 mm)
A1 and A2
Glans: 1.50 inches (38 mm)
Entryway: 0.98 inch (25 mm)
A3 and A4
Glans: 1.57 inches (40 mm)
Entryway: 0.98 inch (25 mm)


Glans Protection Penis Extender Toys

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