Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve
Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve
Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve
Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve
Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve
Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve

Beavers are known to eat wood chunks - the reason why they are associated with vaginas. If your partner's pussy begs for more than a wood and wants an entire log, then you need to take desperate action to stuff her up.

Drill her gluttonous hole until she passes out with the Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve! Give her what she wants with this enormous 7.87-inch penis sleeve where you can put in your average-sized dick.

It's fluffy and squishy as the material used was flexible glue. With its soft texture, you're sure that it's light and comfortable to use. Your penile skin and the vagina are safe from scratches because of these properties. The toy's figure imitates a life-like penis, with the veins around it and the glans on its tip. It has two holes where you can slot in your cock and balls, and which also act as rings to constrict your organs. In this mechanism, it blocks the outward blood flow, extending your erection and orgasm. The longer you can sustain your boner, the more pleasurable your sexual activity is!

If wearing is a struggle, apply an ample of water-based lube onto your cock, then insert it through the hole for a seamless penetration. Adjust the fit to your balls so you'll be comfortable using it. Once fully installed, you can then stuff that hungry beaver with your baobab log and hit that animal deeply with your dressed cock! For sure, you'll both have a lot of fun with this penis extension!

After utilizing the tool and reaching your orgasm, uninstall it from your cock and clean it thoroughly under soapy water. Rinse all the ridges very well, then sanitize it if necessary. Completely dry it before storing it in your sex toys room. Reuse it as often as you want.

If her beaver barks and grumbles from starvation, feed it with your load that'll make it full. Grab the Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve and add this to your cart!

Color/Type Black, Silver, Transparent, Flesh
Material Flexible Glue
Dimension Length:
Wearable Length: 5.51 in (14 cm)
Extension: 2.36 in (6 cm)
Total Length: 7.87 in (20 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.50 in (3.8 cm)

Beaver Stuffer Penis Extender Sleeve

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