Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator
Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator
Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator
Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator

Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator

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Do you like it when you hear your partner moan and make weird noises during sex? Does it make you want to last longer and give it to her harder? If this is your cup of tea, then you better get our Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator as your helping hand during masturbation.

A lot of equipment and gadgets are now advancing in a fast-paced manner. From household appliances, smartphones, and many more, but of course, the creative minds of sex toy makers will not agree to fall behind.

Hence, we'd like to introduce our Thrusting Exerciser Male Masturbator - a masturbator that will make manual masturbation a thing of the past. This pleasure tool has an elegant and stylish sleeve on the outside, which is available in two colors - black and gold.

The exterior cannister's material is ABS, and it also has an ergonomic design for a more secure and comfortable grip. What's hidden inside this exquisite exterior is a meaty and cushy piece of TPE with two gratifying and realistic holes. One has the shape of a person's mouth to simulate some oral sex action, while the other will make you feel like you're fucking a tight and cheeky pussy.

It also has six different vibration frequencies. But the fun doesn't stop there, because this modern and hi-tech pocket pussy has an intelligent voice-reaction feature. Yes, it will react to the deep thrusts and pumps you make by making sounds like that of a horny person in heat.

Do you have thin walls? Well, that's not a problem. Insert a pair of headphones and listen to these motivating moans right next to your earlobes. Just don't forget to apply an ample amount of water-based lube before you start pumping any of these holes against your hungry penis.

This masturbator may be loud and erotic, but it will arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging. Set this up into your cart now!


Color Black, Gold
Material TPE
Dimension Length:
7.87 inches
2.76 inches