Reusable Vacuum Tight Male Masturbator

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Has wanking with your reliable hand become less thrilling? That's completely understandable. Your dominant hand can help you release your steam, but it isn't as exciting as our Reusable Vacuum Tight Male Masturbator. It simulates a young maiden's love tunnel to give you a realistic experience.

The masturbator will overload you with delightful sensations as it has got a textured channel with nubs, ridges, and bumps. Feel like you're the first guy to screw this virgin's pussy as it has got a tight cave.

The luscious pussy has a beautifully detailed vulva complete with a clit and delicate folds to excite your manhood upon entry. This sight alone will make you drool with lust, instantly making your cock as hard as a rock.

Wet this heavenly gate with silicone lubricant, and rub your pole with the same. After your lubing ritual, it's time for the plunge. You can screw it as rough as you like or go gentle if that's what you like. After all, you're in control, so bang it however you please.

Soft, silky, and stretchy, it feels lifelike. That's because we use the finest TPR to create this toy. TPR is a widely used sex toy material preferred by many sex enthusiasts because it simulates the tenderness of the skin. Are you wondering if your dick, which is the seat of your pleasure, fits? Don't worry. If you have gotten through a virgin's tunnel before, why can't you with this one? It's elastic, and will, therefore, let you through.

It comes with an ergonomically shaped casing made of ABS for easy handling. It has a rear hole that you can cover with one of your fingers to intensify the sucking.

These days, a virgin is a rarity. But with our Reusable Vacuum Tight Male Masturbator, you'll always enjoy a tight pussy that doesn't get saggy or loose. Place your order now!

Color Casing: Red + White
Sleeve: Flesh
Material Casing: ABS
Sleeve: TPR
Dimension Length: 6.89 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.76 inches