Do Pocket Pussies Feel Real?

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One of the most common reasons people become interested in pocket pussies is the thought that they might be as good as a real vagina. Unfortunately, nothing can truly replicate the feel of a real vagina. Pocket pussies are probably as close as you can come though!

How Close to a Real Vagina Does a Pocket Pussy Feel?

This question doesn’t just have a single answer. The feeling produced by your pocket pussy can be influenced by many different factors. The largest factor is usually the material the pocket pussy is made of.

The best materials for pocket pussies are cyberskin and UR3. These materials are designed to feel as lifelike as possible. You do pay for this quality though, and pocket pussies made of these materials will typically be the most expensive on the market.

Less expensive materials like silicone, latex or jelly rubber are also commonly used in the manufacture of pocket pussies. While these don’t feel quite the same as the more expensive options and may not be as close to a real vagina, they are still very pleasurable.

Another factor which affects how real a pocket pussy feels is how the sleeve is designed. A real vagina contains both smoother sections and ridged sections. The variations in texture in a real vagina are some of the things which stimulate your penis during sex. Finding a sleeve designed in a similar way to a woman’s vagina is a must if you want the most realistic experience possible.

Lubrication is a necessity when you want a realistic experience. A woman’s vagina produces its own lubricant, but a pocket pussy doesn’t. Just like with the material of your pocket pussy, the higher quality lube you go for, the better the experience will be. Be sure to avoid super cheap lubes like Vaseline or oil, as they will usually damage and ruin the inside of the sleeve.

The final consideration when trying to have an authentic experience is the warmth of the pocket pussy. If you begin to use a pocket pussy as it comes, it will feel quite cold which is the complete opposite to a real vagina. The best thing to do is to warm your pocket pussy up a bit before you start using it. The most common way to do this is simply submerging it in warm water. There are other ways like using a microwave, but this won’t be suitable for all pocket pussies, so you should check any instructions which came with your device before you try any of them.

Even with the most ideal circumstances though, most men will agree that a pocket pussy doesn’t feel quite the same as a real vagina. They’re definitely worth trying though, and some men think that using one gives them the best masturbation sessions possible! So, try one of our pocket pussies today and you can see for yourself just how realistic it is.

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Do Pocket Pussies Feel Real?

One of the most common reasons people become interested in pocket pussies is the thought that they might be as good as a real vagina. Unfortunately, nothing can truly replicate the feel of a real ...

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