Sexy Shiny Heart Pasties

Sexy Shiny Heart Pasties

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Many people believe that sex can make or break a relationship. Lack of it means a lack of intimacy. What people don’t realize is that sometimes you just need to go back to the time when things were fun and exciting. Make an effort and try doing these things again, and you’ll be as happy as you were before.

Solve that problem out with these Sexy Shiny Heart Pasties. You’ll never go wrong when it comes to showing off your pimped-up boobies to your man. Tease him as you wear nothing but these covers, and he will find you irresistible!

These heart-shaped pasties have sequins designs, making your titties look ravishing. The exterior part is covered with acetate fabric. This type of textile is popularly known for its gentle and velvety texture. Other than that, it makes these pasties breathable and ready for prolonged use. These covers also conform to the body almost effortlessly, so you can expect them to drape on your boobies instantly.

To help you put these babies on are the premium quality milk paste. You know you are not settling for anything less with its hypoallergenic and free of toxins properties. You don’t need to worry about awful allergic reactions or skin irritations. You can rest assured that these pasties also stick firmly on your tits even as things between you and your partner get intense.

Make sure that your boobies are washed off thoroughly before placing the covers. Not skipping this part helps in preventing skin oil, dirt, and other impurities that can affect the adhesive's ability to attach to your skin securely.

As for the after use, remove the pasties gently off your tits. Dab the interior part with warm soapy water and rinse well after. Never use cloth on drying them; just leave them to dry to maintain their best quality.

Reuse as long as the adhesives work and recycle by getting them new body-safe tape or glue.

Don’t let lack of intimacy take its toll on your relationship. Make a move by adding these pasties to your cart now!


Color/Type Pink
Material Exterior: Acetate Fabric
Interior: Milk Paste
Dimension Length: 2.76 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.07 inches