Sexy Intimate Scales Pasties
Sexy Intimate Scales Pasties
Sexy Intimate Scales Pasties
Sexy Intimate Scales Pasties

Sexy Intimate Scales Pasties

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Your most valuable asset is your bosom, and you want nothing but to free them. Of course, you are not that confident yet, so you want protection from awkward nipple slips.

Our Sexy Intimate Scales Pasties will be the solution to your worries. These delightfully designed pieces will give you comfortable wear that will let you be yourself without the hassle of wearing your brassiere.

This particular model is available in numerous pieces. The first selection is a 16-piece pasties collection with two designs included for variation. You can choose between a blue or silver nipple cover, depending on your mood and clothing.

The second variant is a 20-piece set that includes both flower and star pattern but only has one light blue color. Both variants feature a shiny, mermaid-like design for added drama.

If you follow some straightforward rules, you will enjoy wearing these pieces without hassle. One is to make sure you paste them over a clean surface. Avoid placing them over oil surfaces or moisture to avoid disturbing the adhesive on the pasty. Place them carefully over your entire areola before you slowly lock them in place.

These are perfect for tank tops, swimwear even your wedding gowns. No one will ever notice, and that is the beauty of these pasties!

Additionally, you will enjoy how they are subtle under any garment, especially on your silks and soft spandex. You will love how it seamlessly becomes a part of you. You can dance and enjoy the night away, revealing all the right things without compromising your most intimate details.

Taking care of these pasties is the way to making them last for a long time. When it's time to take them off, make sure you do it carefully.

Nothing is going to stop you from making a good impression. Grab any of these sets today!


Color Silver, Blue
Material Satin
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Flower - 2.95 inches
Star - 3.23 inches