Satin Cone-Shaped Nude Pasties

Satin Cone-Shaped Nude Pasties

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You had been dreaming of wearing that red, revealing dress ever since you bought it weeks ago. You tried it on, and your body looked snatched as the outfit hugged your every curve.

The dilemma is that you cannot wear this very alluring look because whatever you do, you can never hide your bra. It shows up and is damaging the whole drama of the dress.

Well, let us fix that for you with our Satin Cone-Shaped Nude Pasties! These fantastic accessories will give you that silhouette you have been dreaming of, minus the annoying bra coming out in places it should not.

What sets these pasties apart is that they have fantastic adhesive properties that will make it very effortless wear. All you have to do is make sure you are surrounding the entire areola before locking this in. We know that there may be different sizes out there, so we got small, medium, and large variants for that. Choose the ones that fit you the best and give a go.

Each variant includes ten pairs of pasties. These are disposable pieces, so you won't have to deal with all the cleaning and hassle aftercare.

What you need to remember is to wear these over a clean and dry breast area. Wipe off any moisture or oil substance from your breast area before sticking this in. That way, you will prevent the distortion of the adhesive part of the pasties.

These versatile pieces match with various clothes, ranging from your simple tanktops to your dressier silk gowns. Let your hair down and show your skin in a sultry outfit without thinking about your undergarment. These pieces use satin and nonwoven fabric, so it will easily blend in. It will be like wearing nothing at all!

At last, the perfect way to protect your most intimate area, and at the same time, wear your favorite dress. Grab these lovely pieces today!


Color Nude Brown
Material Nonwoven Fabric
Dimension (inches)
S: 6.3 inches
M: 6.69 inches
L: 7.07 inches
S: 3.94 inches
M: 4.13 inches
L: 4.33 inches