Round Silk Cloth Nipple Tassels
Round Silk Cloth Nipple Tassels
Round Silk Cloth Nipple Tassels
Round Silk Cloth Nipple Tassels

Round Silk Cloth Nipple Tassels

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A bra can feel like a restraint sometimes. The underwire or straps can be very uncomfortable. No wonder why some women choose to be braless—it feels liberating.

To all women who defy the convention of wearing a bra, here's the lovely Round Silk Cloth Nipple Tassels.

You can wear these lovely lacy pasties under see-through clothing during special parties. If celebrities rock them on a red carpet, you, too, will slay it at any appropriate events. If you're timid to show more skin, then you can still put these on to sizzle some evenings with your partner. These are great flirting concealers that won't fail to highlight and eroticize the teats.

These beautiful covers are made of fine fabric, silk, which is embroidered with elaborate red patterns. Take joy in their tassels that will gracefully bounce or shake as you move.

Underneath the fabric is an adhesive cup that attaches to the skin without causing any allergies. If you want to secure it more for extended use, you can apply body glue around the inner edges. Make sure that your nipples are clean and dry to make the pasties stick to them.

They match well to any lingerie or corset, so get thrilled and make your partner go gaga. Once your little "show" is over, take them off with gentleness. You don't want to hurt those nips of yours.

The pasties are reusable, so clean them after every use with warm water and mild soap. Use your hands, not a brush, to avoid damaging the adhesive part. With proper care, these covers will last for several uses. When the adhesive wears out, and you still want to put these pasties on, you can always use body glue to stick them to your tits.

Go braless in the sexiest way possible. Buy these nipple covers now!


Color Black with Red
Material Lace
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A