Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers

Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers

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Have you ever watched a burlesque dancer perform? This performance is an art, not simply a way of taking off pieces of clothing. With class, elegance, and style, a burlesque dancer's graceful moves are well-timed. No burlesque queen is without a pair of lovely nipple covers.

If you've been thinking about giving your partner a sexy performance as a queen does, then you've got to have the Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers. Adorned with colorful bowknots and covered with white sequins, these pasties will surely make you look chic and stylish in your almost-naked display.

Put on a little show and let your partner enjoy the entertainment. Take off your clothes piece by piece to enchant him. It's best to tie him up on a chair so he won't be able to grab you when he's aroused. If you're wondering what to pair it with, we'd say a C-string would be perfect. We have a good number of C strings available, so don't worry.

These lovely pasties are to cover your nipples and areola. Putting them on is so easy. Peel off the plastic covering, then stick a pasty on your nipple. You won't be needing body tapes or glue as the other side already has body-safe adhesive. This adhesive will last for a good number of uses as long as you take good care of them while cleaning them.

Speaking of cleaning, you'll have to wash them after use. Use warm water and mild soap—not detergent—to remove dirt, sweat, and body oil. Let it air dry and skip the hairdryer as heat will damage the adhesive.

Tease your partner with style and give him a sultry dance while taking off your clothes and leaving your nipples covered with these dainty pasties. Each pair is sold at a great price, so hurry and grab yours now!


Color White with Colorful Ribbon
Material Cotton + Spandex + Polyester
Dimension (inches) N/A
Length: NA
Width: NA