Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers
Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers
Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers
Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers
Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers

Do you want to flirt and tease your partner with style? Who doesn't? Conceal your tits with bowknots with a decorative cover, and he'll go nuts with lust!

If strippers wear pasties, and Hollywood stars flaunt their breasts with nipple covers on red carpets, why shouldn't you? The Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers have a versatile design. So, not only are they great for spicing up sex play, but they're also perfect for fetish parties and cosplays. And guess what goes well with these pasties— a C string, of course! And don't worry, we've got a great selection, too.

You'll surely love the large red ribbons adorning the pasties. And to make them shimmer, they are coated with red or black sequins. Either variant will glamorize or eroticize your tits. Or why not buy both variants to spice up your stripping shows in your bedroom. They are like pairs of shoes—a couple won't be enough to glam you up on different occasions.

The inner side of the pasties is silicone adhesive, which is reusable. These stick-on nipple covers won't easily come off so that you can be confident with every move. If you have sensitive, delicate skin, don't worry. The adhesive won't cause any irritations. And when you take off the pasties, you won't have to remove any glue left on your nips.

To make sure they stick well, clean your nipples, and ensure they're dry and not moisturized. Place one pasty over your nipple, hold it down for a few seconds to ensure both surfaces bond. And when you are to remove them, do it with gentleness so as not to hurt your tits. Wash the covers afterward with warm water and soap.

As we have already mentioned, these pasties are reusable. Eventually, the adhesive will lose its staying power. But to prolong the shelf life, don't use a hairdryer or soak the pasties in water.

Be more flirty and put these ribbons on. Buy the Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers now!

Color Black with Red Ribbon
Red with Red Ribbon
Material Satin (Ribbon)
Sequin (Outer side)
Silicone (Inner side)
Dimension (inches) N/A
Length: NA
Width: NA

Red Ribbon Sequin Nipple Covers

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