Petals Best Nipple Covers
Petals Best Nipple Covers
Petals Best Nipple Covers
Petals Best Nipple Covers

Petals Best Nipple Covers

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The time has finally come for you to explore yourself through fashion and clothes. If you are one who loves to show your body and asset, then no judgment there!

Of course, you want your body to stand out, and you don't like your undergarments to take the spotlight! For that, you need to strip out your bulky bra and replace it with our lovely Petals Best Nipple Covers.

These pasties have everything you need with a lovely wildness of a leopard pattern and bedazzled red flower pasty. Each has its own story, but both made use of high-grade polyester. Polyester is a stretchable material that will offer both comfort and function. You will love wearing this versatile cover over any clothing.

If you love showing off your God-given asset with a sultry attire, then you can do just that and not have to worry about your brassier showing out. These are subtle nipple covers that won't interfere with your wardrobe.

You can quickly wear this anytime with the help of an adhesive. Just be sure to wipe your skin with a clean cloth and make sure it is free of moisture and oil. These substances will devoid the adhering property of the pasties.

Furthermore, make sure you place these over the entire areola before locking them in place. Once they are in place, they are impenetrable to water or sweat, so you can enjoy the festivities of the day without worrying.

Once you are through wearing these, make sure you give them proper aftercare. Wash the pasties well with warm water and mild soap. Avoid brushing them or exposing them to direct sunlight to preserve their material, and keep them in their separate container.

Now is the time to show yourself with no inhibitions. Let yourself go, be bold, make yourself known. Add these to your purchase today.


Color Brown ( Leopard Print), Red
Material Polyester
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A