Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups
Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups
Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups
Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups
Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups

Have you ever tried going down on a water slide that isn’t wet? That’s how it feels when you skip foreplay and get down to business. Relax and let the Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups teach you a thing or two because good sex requires a great deal of kissing, sucking, and most importantly, licking.

This machine sucks in all the right ways. Equipped with 20 modes of vibrations, you’ll surely find several ones that will work on you and will give you that toe-curling orgasm you’ve wanted for so long. The suction cups are big enough to cover your nipples and areolae, unlike other products, which are only as big as your nipples. This way, the stimulation area is broader, and your chance of getting all pumped up and excited is bigger. The pad in the center of the cup has bristles that gently massage your nipples while sending shivering vibrations to your body.

You will still feel the effect of the vibes and suction combo on you even after removing it from your breasts. Once you’re done using this machine, the blood flow to your nipples has already increased, and they’re as sensitive as you’ve never felt before! This is the part where your lover comes in. Have him lick and caress your nipples as he normally would, but this time, you’ll feel it more intense. Nothing is more arousing than arching your back with every flick of his finger on your tits.

This device is made of high-quality ABS and is very durable. With proper handling and maintenance, you’ll enjoy this machine and all the pleasant things it can give you for a long time. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to maintain. You only need water and soap to clean it. Dry it thoroughly and store it safely afterward.

Discover a whole new level of foreplay with the Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups. Add this to your purchase now.

Color Purple with Silver (remote control)
Clear (wire and suction cups)
Material ABS
Dimension (inches)
Vibrator: 1.65 inches (42mm)
Remote Control: 3.15 inches (80mm)
Wire: 33.46 inches (85 cm)
Suction Cups: 3.23 inches (82mm)


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Non-Stop Thrill Nipple Suction Cups

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