Meat Stroker Silicone Pocket Pussy

Meat Stroker Silicone Pocket Pussy

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Do you ever wish you had a partner that doesn't get tired of having sex? Our Meat Stroker Silicone Pocket Pussy is here to grant that desire. It's a pleasure toy that comes in handy whenever you're in the mood to bang.

Your meat will love the stimulation this stroker can deliver. Visually enticing with a vaginal opening, this masturbator will make your imagination run wild. Intensify the thrill by rubbing the tip of your penis against the soft folds of the vulva. Make it more erotic by making it wet and slippery with water-based lube. Apply on your shaft and add a few drops into the channel to enhance the experience. Once done lubing, it's time for a dicking!

Made for your thrusting enjoyment, it has a tunnel with nubs and ridges. These protrusions will provide erotic friction, making every thrust blissfully orgasmic. Besides this stimulating texture, it has a hole on the other end which when covered with a patch or finger, it'll suck your dick just the way you like it. And with this hole, feel free to blast with your creamy cum. Don't worry; it's easy to wash come cleaning time.

The sleeve is supple just like skin as it is silicone. This feature means it'll feel as realistic as possible. Revel the tight yet comfortable embrace on your cock, and we're sure, no matter how big it is, it'll surely get through the tunnel of pleasure. All thanks to its stretchy property, which will accommodate different sizes of dong. When you find the hole tight and small, use lubrication to ease your entry.

This silicone pocket pussy is safe for body use. No matter how long or how frequently you use it, it won't irritate your sensitive part. Just make sure to use water-based lube as it is the recommended type.

Indulge yourself in decadent stimulation with our silicone stroker soon when you buy today!


Color Case: Multi-color
Sleeve: Flesh
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 6.30 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.36 inches

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