Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties
Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties
Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties
Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties

Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties

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No other color combination looks sexier than black and red, which explains why there are lots of under-garments in these sultry shades. This color combo matches any skin complexion. It makes you look bolder and more daring, especially if you're wearing black and red lingerie. So, if you have a sexy sheer nightgown, wearing our Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties will make you look more attractive.

These pair of silicone pasties are glazed with lace fabric with a black ribbon to make you look lovelier. These nipple covers are wide enough to give your areola full coverage. They are also sufficiently sticky to stay on top of your breasts for six to eight hours.

Prep your body by taking a warm bath and then pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Make sure that your chest area is free from any residue or particles that may affect the pasties' effectiveness. On that note, you should avoid using any moisturizers or any skincare products in this area. Slowly peel off the film and gently apply each pasty over one of your areolae. Make sure that your teat is at the center. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to wear these pasties while sleeping.

These nipple covers are reusable, so give them your TLC and make the most out of these lovely chest accessories. You can clean them by wetting the silicone side with warm soapy water. Use your fingers to clean the surface and do so with care to avoid damaging the adhesive part. Leave the pasties out to air dry. It is better to place a plastic film over the sticky part before setting them aside for the next use.

Your breasts are already beautiful as they are, but decorating them will surely make your foreplay sexier and kinkier. Get your Lace Fetish Nipple Pasties now!


Color Black and Red
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A