Glossy Gold Foil Nipple Pasties
Glossy Gold Foil Nipple Pasties
Glossy Gold Foil Nipple Pasties
Dazzling, daring, and seductive!

You can strip off your clothes with style and glamour with this fashionable Glossy Gold Foil Nipple Pasties! These conical nipple covers are much more versatile than you think as you can wear them on various occasions. Wear them when you like going extra on flirting with your guy, when you attend a fetish party or cosplays, or when you wear your sheer sexy outfits. These Hollywood-red-carpet-worthy pasties will adorn your breasts with shimmery golden color.

If Hollywood stars rock their pasties on red carpets, we are sure you'll get double-takes when these pasties grace your boobs wherever you intend to wear them.

Made of hypoallergenic material, they are perfect for prolonged wearing. You won't be needing body glue or fabric tape to make these pasties stick on your nipples as their back surfaces already have adhesives.

Clean your nipples and make sure they are dry for the pasties to stay put on your tits. Press them on your nips for a few seconds before you let go.

Dance and frolic with no worries because they won't easily come off and embarrass you. And when you're done enjoying them, don't throw them in your washing machine or leave them to soak in soapy water. Doing so will shorten the pasties' shelf life, and that said, you'll only wear them a few times. Proper care means washing them with warm water and a mild soap without letting them soak in water. Don't rub with a cloth or use a brush. Leave them to dry naturally.

Buy as many pairs as you like because these are sold at a great price. Be fabulous in your sizzling-hot, almost-naked style with these flashy golden nipple covers. Let your bosom take the spotlight, and feel that passion burn. With just a few clicks, they'll be delivered soon!
Color Gold
Material PVC
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 1.97 inches


Glossy Gold Foil Nipple Pasties

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