Glittery Purple Seashell Pasties
Glittery Purple Seashell Pasties
Glittery Purple Seashell Pasties
Glittery Purple Seashell Pasties

Glittery Purple Seashell Pasties

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Sometimes, life can be so stressful that you wish you had the option to leave everything behind and just be a mermaid. You swim around all day; no need to shave your legs or wear makeup—such a hassle-free life!

With all the reasons to be a mermaid, you know what’s the most fascinating? You don’t have to wear a bra all day long!

Well, you can still make the braless day happen even as you face the day. Use our mermaid-inspired Glittery Purple Seashell Pasties.

You will love how these beauties shine as their exterior parts are covered with purple glitters. Underneath the glitters are satin fabrics, making them velvety to the feels. This type of textile is responsible for the pasties’ elegance and class, so you can best wear them with your sleeveless or halter tops or even under your summer dresses. They highlight their overall comfort you can enjoy above all else.

On the other side, you can rest assured that the adhesives will work wonders when it comes to sticking on the surface of your skin firmly. You don’t need to worry about experiencing peeking nipples mishaps because these medical-grade tapes got you covered. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic too, preventing you from experiencing crappy and daunting allergic reactions and irritations.

Place these pasties on your clean and dry tits. Make sure that the centerpieces are right precisely on the nipples, and that’s it; you are all set!

After use, gently peel the covers off your boobies. You can clean the interior part by dabbing your fingertip on warm soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly and hang them to dry. Reuse as long as they stick on your skin. You can replace the adhesives with body-safe double-sided tape or glue to make sure you still get the best time with these pasties for as long as you like.

Be like a mermaid and enjoy your braless day when you add these pasties to your cart now!


Color/Type Purple
Material Exterior: Glitter, Satin Fabric
Interior: Adhesive
Dimension Length: 3.23 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.15 inches