Flexible and Removable Fur Metallic Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long


Finding the best butt plug for you can be a little difficult and overwhelming, as you can choose from a lot of butt plugs available in the market.

Our Flexible and Removable Fur Metallic Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long will give you great options as to the way you will be able to enjoy your butt plug experience. This variant has a plug that is made of stainless steel, which is excellent for that lusty heaviness that will massage the deepest corners of your anal canal. Aside from that, steel is a great conductor of heat that will aid in your temperature playing. Add a little chill or warmth into the plug and touch the sensitive areas of your partner's body. It will heighten all the senses as the extra sensation will give that extra kick you need.

This plug has a length of about one inch, a great enough expanse for a comfortable insert. The best part of this plug is that you can enjoy it with or without the tail. This has a removable synthetic tail fur that you may use if you are up for some animalistic fun. If that is not your kink, then you can transform this into a plain butt plug for a simple anal loving.

This toy is multifaceted, as it can be used in many ways by anybody that wants to experiment with anal sex. But, if you do not have a partner to play this toy with, do not fret as it can be used alone in your solo play. Just plug it inside the ass and touch the sweet areas between your thighs. It's a double stimulation that will blow your mind!

Buy something that will help in your quest to find your inner vixen, grab this amazing toy now!


Handle:  Black, Pink, Brown, White, Red, Purple, Grey White, Multicolor

Plug:  Silver

Type Tail Plug or Butt plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:  15 inches

Plug:  2.8 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:  1.1 inches