Fashionable Skull-Printed Nipple Patches

Fashionable Skull-Printed Nipple Patches

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Skulls have been associated with death and poison ever since. If a bottle has this mark on it, don't drink it, or you'll die. Let's change the way we see head bone this time. Let's attach it to something that makes men happy - the breasts. Will they still look deadly?

Introducing our Fashionable Skull-Printed Nipple Patches—the nip covers that may look pretty much associated with misfortunes but, in reality, just aims to bring sleeping cocks into life! Yes, with these tapes on, your man will indeed be turned on!

These patches use only the highest quality polyester material. It's the fabric used in garments, so you're sure that your breasts are covered only in skin-friendly intertwined and interwoven fibers. It has a natural beige color with a black skull printed on it, which insinuates "caution: choking hazard." Because, why not? Bet your man wants to suck on and get the juice out of your melons, eh?

Wearing it is a piece of cake. At the back of the printed side is the adhesive. Peel off the release papers, and you can readily wear the nipple patches. For a guaranteed comfortable experience, clean and dry your nipples before wearing one. Also, never use possible irritation causes such as sticky lotions and concentrated essential oils on your breast area. These substances block the epidermis' pores and intensify the heat, making the feeling uncomfortable if you do so.

This specific variant is for one-time use only and is disposable after use. The reason for such is that the adhesive loses effectiveness when mixed with the body's salty sweat.

Ask your partner to choose his poison - the left or the right boob? Either way, whatever he sucks, both of you will reach the rapture. Make your foreplay a more exciting one with the Fashionable Skull-Printed Nipple Patches. Get these lovely pieces now!


Color Beige with Black
Material Polyester
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.36 inches (60 mm)
Width: 2.36 inches (60 mm)