Elegant Zebra Heart Nipple Tassels
Elegant Zebra Heart Nipple Tassels
Elegant Zebra Heart Nipple Tassels
Elegant Zebra Heart Nipple Tassels

Elegant Zebra Heart Nipple Tassels

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Look hot and fresh like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Gone are the days when pasties and nipple covers are only for stripteasers and burlesque queens. These coverings have already made their way to the Hollywood carpet. And many women don't want to get left behind the trend. Be one of those ladies who dare to show off more skin and hide the essentials for the main course.

Look like a dashing animal with the Elegant Zebra Heart Nipple Tassels. With black and white zebra stripes, these heart-shaped nipple accessories look classic. The pink tassels punctuate the look so you can show more skin with style and elegance.

These nipple covers will stay put for prolonged use as they use a latex-free, waterproof adhesive. If you're thinking of seducing your partner in the shower or pool, don't hesitate to put them on, and, for sure, you won't be disappointed. The pair works perfectly with a G-string if you're more into showing off more skin.

What's covered and hidden when all else is bare becomes more erotic and more desirable. So go ahead and make your sex partner slobber with lust as you show him your almost naked, curvy body. His imagination will run wild while his heart pounds.

When you're to hide your tits with these, don't apply moisturizer or powder on the area, and make sure it's dry for the covers to stick to your skin. The adhesive won't cause irritations, so don't worry. When taking them off, do it gently. Just imagine peeling off adhesive tape from your arm abruptly—ouch!

When you have these on, try to spin the tassels to impress your viewer because, truly, you can be a burlesque queen to your one and only. If you want your evenings to be racy and sexy, then this pair will serve you well.

Sold at a great price, you have to buy them now!


Color Black and white (Nipple Cover), Pink (Tassle)
Material Satin
Waterproof adhesive
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2 inches
Width: 2 inches